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The book is split into different sections starting off with: Being an empath followed by stories of empaths' journeys, animal communications - three stories about having a strong connection with animals. The Magic of Miracle stories will blow you away and get you thinking: "Am I reluctantly psychic?", OBE’s (out of body experiences) that often freak us out but are often signs of being from another planet or simply being looked after by our deceased loved ones. We have a finding soul mates section where amongst the authors finding their soul's purpose in life, they also find their soul mates. We then go on to the healing journey where new skills and understandings are awakened. We then finish off with the largest section, awakenings, and finding the soul’s purpose. You will notice, so many stories over-lap and all of the 44 authors are now living their soul’s purpose doing things they love and sharing their gifts with the world.

More than 40 authors

This book is collaborative in every sense. Created by the award winning Angel Alison Ward, an additional 43 authors have submitted stories for this book.

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